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Welcome to Give God Love 


            We ARE NOW living in End Times.

            The intention of this site is to be a starting resource for people to learn a quick, easy overview.  There can be no substitute for your own learning and research.  "My people are undone from lack of knowledge."  These are incredibly exciting and stimulating times for believers.  Get your knowledge on!

            When we of limited understanding try to see into the future, we must constantly analyze and re-evaluate every new development. 

            Know in advance, the devil will do everything in his power to try to deceive you.  Some churches are leading people into the one-world church.  It is your responsibility to evaluate their teachings. 

           Fortunately, we know Someone who loves us and has all the answers.  Keep your eyes on Christ!   If you want more insight into a particular subject, ask Yeshua (Jesus)  to lead you to it in the Bible.

           So, in the inspiring words of Ravi Zacharias, "Let My People Think"!


 I Recommend You Start With "What In Heaven Is Going On?" Parts 1-19